The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online


The Elder Scrolls Online is een MMORPG.

Het werd ontwikkeld door Zeniman Online Studios en werd uitgegeven door Bethesda Softworks.

Op 4 april 2014 kwam het spel uit voor Microsoft Windows en OS X. Op 9 juni 2015 komt het uit voor PlayStation 4 en Xbox One.

Het spel is beschikbaar voor PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, OS X en Xbox One.


Upon creating a character, players have access to four classes: Dragon Knight, Templar, Sorcerer, and Nightblade. As in previous The Elder Scrolls titles, gameplay is mostly nonlinear, with a mixture of quests, random events, and free-roaming exploration of the world. The game does not provide a mode for single-player offline play, although the developers have stated that there will be “plenty of content” designed to accommodate players who prefer to play solo.

The player is able to play as numerous races such as Nords, Redguards, Bretons, Imperials, Dunmer (Dark Elves), Altmer (High Elves), Bosmer (Wood Elves), Orsimer (Orcs), the cat-like Khajiit, and the lizard-like Argonians. The Elder Scrolls Online has a lot of character choices beyond those of race, such as the player character also being able to become either a vampire or a werewolf, each of which grants its own skill tree.

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